Terminator CNC
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Cylinder Heads

Terminators (CNC) The long awaited arrival of our CNC machined terminator cylinder heads. We have spent a huge amount of time flow bench and dyno testing to develop our latest and highest spec Cylinder heads. Fully CNC machined Inlet and exhaust ports. Cylinder chambers CNC shaped and de-shrouding of the valves. Shortened, bulleted bronze guides coupled with our latest V8Developents designed flat back ultra big valves (see specs below) with a longer wasted stem, maximises the greatest flow possible. The valves are also lighter to help reduce valve train wear and increase throttle response time. Along with the cylinder head face we now skim the inlet and exhaust faces and machine out all pushrod holes for greater clearance allowing the use of adjustable pushrods. The heads come fitted with new uprated double valve springs, new V8Developments designed ultra big valves, caps, collets and stem seals. Three angle valve seats are cut and valves lapped in. These are then vacuum tested prior to final clean and assembly.

Valve spec;

Inlet size: 1.682" (42.72mm)
Inlet weight: 86.7g (6.5g lighter than comparable size valve)
Exhaust size: 1.448" (36.78mm)
Exhaust weight: 79.3g (5g lighter than comparable size valve)


Exchange Item required

Outright Surcharge £195


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