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Camshaft Upgrades

Camshaft Choices

The single most influential component in any Rover V8 Engine, where performance is in mind, is the camshaft. Even the best race prepared engine will produce a fraction of it's capable output if the wrong choice of camshaft is made. For this reason we have spent a great deal of time on developing the ideal camshaft for a number of standard applications and offer a design service for anything which requires some extraordinary in terms of camshaft design.

Upgrade Kits

We offer a number of standard choices for the TVR V8 range of engines and Range Rover V8's although we are able to produce a kit to any specification requested. The camshaft kits we supply come in various forms but a complete standard kit includes;

Followers (lifters, tappetts)
Steel Timing chain set (these vary with camshaft specification)
Valve Springs (if required)
Gaskets (all required to change the camshaft)
Instructions (should they be required)

We do not recommend that the novice engine builder attempt the installation and timing of a camshaft without instruction. Although the process is not beyond the hobbyists capabilities it is a crucial process and usually benefits from an experienced hand.

contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to offer a camshaft to suit your needs.


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