Block Reliner

It is widely known that the Rover V8 cylinder block does have some issues with liner failure. Although the actual cause of the issue is a bit of a mystery, experience has taught us that when the problem occurs the only reliable solution is to re-liner the block with 'Top Hat' flanged liners. It is possible to use straight liners but it would seem that these are just as likely to fail in the future; we have never experienced a failure in a top hat liner block and we have modified many hundreds.

Added to this the cost of fitting straight liners is not substantially less than the cost of Top Hat liners. The specifics of the liners themselves is explained in the technical section.

The re-liner service includes the fitting of new camshaft bearings, line-checking the cylinder block, new core plugs and seals. This service comes with a 24 month warranty*. We would always recommend that engine removal and re-fitting be carried out by a seasoned professional and that the engine is 'run in' correctly following installation to maximise engine reliability and life span. In order to insure this we offer an engine removal & re-fitting service, an engine strip and re-build service and an engine dyno service where the engine can be properly run-in and tested prior to fitting it to the car.

Price: £1195.00

Relinered block