Engine Removal & Refitting Service

V8Developments offers an engine removal and re-fitting service. Included in this service is the removal of the engine from the car, strip the engine, re-build the engine and re-fit the engine to the car. The cost is a labour cost and does not include the supply of parts, gaskets, oil, filters, antifreeze etc. If modifications are being made to the engine during its absence from the car we include the set-up of the engine upon its return so that the collected vehicle is running correctly, or as correctly as the engine components will allow, upon collection.

The price quoted is for a standard TVR; if LPG is fitted or the vehicle installation is likely to be particularly time-consuming (for example, a P38 Range Rover with modifications) then please telephone for an accurate quotation.

Prices of gaskets, oil and filters etc. varies with each vehicle and so is added to the base labour cost. Please specify requirements so that a quotation can include these costs.

From: £1250.00

Engine removed