Injection Mapping

Although a perfect engine 'map' for an aftermarket injection system can only be truly achieved by the use of a rolling road and road miles, the use of the engine dyno to set a 'base map' for the engine and prove the functionality of all sensors and wiring is invaluable.

Although this may seem like an unnecessary overture it is actually extremely useful. The time and money spent on a final rolling road or road setup is considerably reduced and therefore the associated costs are also reduced. The fact that the engine can be run-in at the correct fuel mixture means that the engine is sound and the injection system has a basically sound setup that can then be 'tweaked' to a final map once in the car.

This service is currently available for aftermarket injection systems by OMEX, Emerald, DTA and Megasquirt at present, all of which we have tested and used in the past and we hope to be able to produce a mapping service for Lucas 14CUX standard system but at present we can only fit and test the Tornado chips (this in itself can be useful to identify the correct Tornado chip for the system) and also for carburettors such as the Quad Down Draught Delorto. The cost includes a full run-in and diagnostic test, base mapping including a corrected 'top line' for wide open throttle (this can be set to the customers required air fuel ratio), basic idle setup, power reporting as in the standard dyno service.

The cost does not include the supply of engine oil which will vary according to the customers requirements.

Price: £650.00

Injection mapping