Aftermarket Systems

There are a number of systems now available for the Rover V8 engine management. We have used most of the available systems and are certificated installers of most. Although all have their positive and negative characteristics, the main distinctions are in the cost of the system and the options available from that system.

  • Omex 710
  • DTA
  • Emerald M3D
  • Megasquirt

Omex technology produce a management system denoted as the 710. This system is quite nicely made and allows the Rover V8 to run a semi-sequential (Wasted spark / wasted fuel) fuelling and ignition strategy or fully sequential fuelling or ignition if required, that promotes excellent power output and good, controllable engine management schema over the complete rev range. We build the looms for these ECU's to suit the application and therefore they are able to be retro-fitted to almost any injection hardware or equally to aftermarket throttle bodies or forced induction systems. The ECU is capable of running a Lambda sensed map over a specified rev range and has a number of built in functions for additions such as Turbo anti-lag, traction control and launch control. Because the system is very 'customisable' it make it extremely versatile and therefore a good choice for many applications. There are a few issues that are worthy of mention. The system does not allow for a four wire stepper motor (this is not really a huge issue as OMEX has a method of ignition control to hold the idle speed), the system cannot be purchased as a ready to fit loom and sensors for a Rover V8 installation, so it needs to be assembled prior to fitting and finally the system does not allow for wide band Lambda control of the engine in real time. This Lambda control is not something which we recommend anyway, it is too open to error, but some customers are keen to exploit it so it is worth mentioning that it is unavailable on the OMEX 710.

The DTA Fast engine management software and hardware have been proven over quite a number of years now and function reasonably well. There are a number of versions available that will run the Rover V8 and choice comes down to the level of functionality and cost. The system will run a Rover V8 Semi-sequentially and utilises coil packs for the ignition wiring. The system does not allow quite as much customisation as OMEX but can be ordered pre-configured for a specific purpose. Looms are available for most standard applications (although they are not terribly cheap) and this does mean that the system can be ordered complete (as long as it does not come direct from DTA) and ready to fit. The only real issues that have ever been seen with the system is an odd ignition driver failure but these seem few and far between and the system does work very well in most circumstances. Note: software version for mapping is essential... the wrong software will not connect to the ECU!

Historically, Emerald has not been one of the 'top contenders' in the Rover V8 management stakes, however, the latest versions of ECU and software are vastly improved and now seem very comparable with the previous options. Looms are generally custom built so have the ability to fit almost any vehicle. The same stepper motor drawbacks as the OMEX system do still apply but a two wire 'extra air valve' is catered for and can solve some of the issues of idle control and cold starting. A multi mapping option is available, controlled by a cockpit switch, and although I have yet to find a really good use for this it may well suit someone wishing to fit the system to a car with switchable performance or economy modes, or possibly the use of a temporary fuel alteration to allow for a high octane mixed fuel, for example. All around it seems to be a reasonable system once installed, mapping is a little more involved than the OMEX version but is still reasonably customisable and overall produces decent power gains and economy control.

This ECU system for fuel injection and ignition on the V8 engine is fast becoming a real contender! Following early teething problems I am now happy to say that we have fitted and tested a number of these systems and they compete well with the other systems on the market. There are even a few new options (such as the ability to run a Rover V8 stepper motor!) which some of the other ECU's cannot compete with. Mapping is relatively straightforward and Phil at Extra EFi is on hand to help with any issues that arise. The supplied loom (part finished) is pretty straightforward and to make this even simpler we are collaborating on a new edition... the plug and play replacement! This is not available yet but if all goes to plan it will simply replace the standard ECU (no need to remove the old loom) and run a fully mapped injection system with a minimum of 'leg work'. The other advantage of this is that the ignition system could easily be added by the simple installation of a pair of coil packs and some new leads!

Moe images and fitting instructions here.