Fuel And Ignition Plug & Play

The same ECU as the Fuel Only version, but with the addition of ignition drivers and a small additional wiring loom to run wasted spark coil packs. This gives all of the benefits of the 'Fuel only' version above but also allows for the full mapping of the ignition system and the advantage of a wasted spark coil pack delivery system. Coil packs are included, together with the wiring necessary to fit them. A trigger wheel is also included in order to deliver an accurate crank position system for the ignition system, this requires fitting to the front pulley of the engine. A small amount of mechanical experience is needed for this but full instructions are provided and even the novice should be able to cope easily with it's installation. The kit is supplied with new part finished plug leads which can then be cut to length to suit your desired coil mounting position. Again a basic ignition map is included. If you need further information or explanation then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price: £936.17

Please note that these ECU's are sold on an exchange basis. We do not require a chip or any other wiring with the exchange but the ECU main box is essential to be able to produce further units.

Megasquirt fuel and ignition plug & play