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Starter Motor

A standard, high torque starter motor as fitted to Range Rovers.

Price: £79.95

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Intermediate Serpentine Front Cover

As fitted to serpentine TVR and some late Range Rover classics. This houses a crankshaft driven oil pump and also a distributor housing and is therefore known as the intermediate cover (between classic and GEMS).

Price: £299.95

SD1 water pump

SD1 Water Pump

There are many variations of the SD1 water pump. This particular version is for a non air con application with a viscous fan fitting. We can supply some other models if you require something different than please contact us for pricing.

Price: £89.95

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Serpentine Water Pump

New water pump for the serpentine (RR P38) and also the intermediate front cover. These are an excellent spare to have as they are prone to seal leakage.

Price: £68.45